More and more women are setting up their own businesses than ever before. Female entrepreneurs are on the rise. Women’s rights around the globe are gleaning more respect and understanding, and females everywhere are building their confidence to stand up and be whoever they want to be. Women do not always have it easy when it comes to business, there are still some very old fashioned and arrogant people out there managing companies and there is still a big pay-gap between women and men in business even in the western world where female rights are some of the best in the world. Here are some lessons to be learned from modern female entrepreneurs.

Work For What You Want

Work hard and don’t give up on yourself. To become a successful entrepreneur you need drive, dedication and self-belief. If you don’t have these things, sit down and look within yourself until you do. Take this logo generator as an example. Not everyone has all the skills needed to create a logo from scratch, or the budget to pay someone to do it for you. However, every business needs a logo. Use this logo generator to create one for free and brand your business.

Don’t Listen to ‘Can’t’

If a person tells you that you can’t do something, consider why they are saying this. It is probably that they don’t think they could do it and so do not see how you could. We as the human race often think that we are unable to do something when it is a struggle or we do not understand it. However, if someone else has the ability to do something, there is no reason that everyone shouldn’t be able to do it at varying levels. Learning how to research and study properly is the key here. If there is anything you want to do, spend some time researching what it is and how to do it. The more you understand of it the simpler it is to learn.

Stand Up for Yourself

If you or another member of staff are experiencing harassment or a pay gap, speak up about it. Tell those in charge and even join a union and get it sorted. Don’t stand for any harassment that becomes illegal and always feel secure to take it up with the police when necessary. On the other hand, if its not that bad and you feel you can, just speak to the person or have a colleague do it for you. Unions can be great when it comes to addressing pay gaps in the workplace and can be a perfect way to resolve issues without undue stress, dependent on the issue of course. 

Be an Advocate

Look after the other women and men in your office. Be there for them and work together to create a community where people feel safe. If you have the strength to stand up for what you believe in then maybe you can make a big difference to others. Not everyone knows how to deal with inequality in the workplace and sometimes it can escalate. Ensure that everyone within the working environment feels safe, especially when you are the boss.

Know When to Speak Up

It is important that you know when you speak up in a situation and when to let it go. Not everything is about inequality. It is easy to see someone get promoted above you when you think you have both done a great job and blame it on the fact that he is a man. It might just be that he, or she, deserves the promotion and fits the role better. At the same time know when you need to speak up for yourself or others.

Modern female entrepreneurs are at the forefront of business right now. There are so many new ideas and people in the mix. It is a very exciting time and one that will hopefully progress further and further towards true equality in the workplace and beyond.

Below are brief stories of some of the well-known international female entrepreneurs.

The 21st century is full of excellent female role models and businesswomen. Often, female celebrities get overlooked when we are studying the role of women in business. However, they are usually some of the most successful female entrepreneurs that the world has to offer. Today we will have a look at some lessons to be learned from female celebrities as entrepreneurs.

Paris Hilton

Consider your first thoughts when you read the words ‘Paris Hilton’. They probably aren’t ‘successful entrepreneur and fierce businesswomen’. Paris Hilton is famous for several reasons. Her family previously owned the Hilton chain of hotels amongst other businesses. There was also a leaked sex tape out there back in 2001 of Paris and her then-boyfriend. After this she featured as one of the main characters in the Simple Life which ran for five years. This was the younger, Paris. She has since set up more than nineteen new product lines and she stated that one of her fragrances has reached over £1.5 billion in sales.

You don’t get this successful riding on the coat tales of your family or messing around on a farm with a friend. Paris Hilton is a clever and shrewd businesswoman. However – yes, she does have a character. She has become her brand. People expect her to act in a certain way. To be carefree and own small dogs and spend money on frivolous activities. This is a huge lesson in business life. If you create a brand and you are in the spotlight then be your own brand and ensure that your character appeals to your audience. This way you will get more sales.

Paris Hilton supports vegetarianism and is entirely ‘grossed out’ by wearing fur. She contributes and campaigns for charities that help those with AIDS, homelessness, MS charities and diabetes research. She works hard to build her empire while helping others along the way and is a true philanthropist.

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox is a singer-songwriter from Scotland. She rose to fame in the 1980’s in her band The Eurythmics, which have sold an estimated 75 million records worldwide. Annie has made herself into a well-known household name and kept herself current across the years. This is the second lesson to be learned. If you are not current, people will not specifically notice your business. In March of this year, Annie sent out a plea for people to acknowledge International Women’s Day. She did this through her own NGO called The Circle. She has also taken part in musical collaborations in support of COVID-19 assistance. Working with musicians who are popular today, like Taylor Swift and Emile Sande. These are great actions that help people but also that keep Annie in the public eye. 

Kiptieu Fatty Sheriff

Kiptieu Fatty Shefiff is an up-and-coming businesswoman who has worked with what she has and created herself as a household name in the 2020’s. She appeared on the television program ‘Right House Poor House’, where people swap houses and lives for a week and learn the truth about what life is like ‘over the fence’. Kiptieu swapped lives with the millionaire, Adam Stott. He works in business, trying to help people and change their lives by offering them fully packed business solutions and plans. This was a match made in heaven as Kiptieu was a businesswoman herself and was trying to make it in the world of food delivery. She was renowned in her area for being an excellent cook but needed the means to make it in the world of business. Adam helped her with all her marketing from website design, business planning and business cards. He also invested in her with a new kitchen for her to work in so she could feel like a true businesswoman and achieve great things.

It is difficult to ask for help, but it is even more difficult to find it. The biggest lesson to be learned from Kiptieu is that she excelled and achieved as soon as she got the help she do desperately needed with her marketing. This shows that if you do your research and find that help that you need, there are ways that you can achieve the best and most dreamlike results from your business.

Keep creative, work hard and be your own brand in your business ventures. Be true to yourself and do not let anything stand in your way from achieving the dreams that you know you can make come true!

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