Do You Want To Get Organic Traffic To Your Website?

So you have a good business running or an upcoming startup that is ready to launch and announce it’s presence to the the potential customers or clients.

You have designed and developoed a cool, modern and mobile friendly website with the right information to help customers or clients.

What’s next? How do you bring people on to your website and be easily found in Google Search Results?

If you want to know, then read on for tips and videos and few expert companies in India and US that you can hire to do get the right guidance, actionalbe steps and do the heavy lifitng for you, so you can focus on your business and customer service.

Let’s start with one of the most happening SEO & Digital Marketing compnies right now – based in USA. Neil Patel is one of the pioneers in SEO and has helped tons of businesses to get the right traffic on their websites and grwo their business profit. Checkout this 30 mins video from him where he talks about Doubling Your Traffic – Three Tactics That Actually Work and Can 2X Your Traffic in 5 days (or Less)

Besides this video, there are a handful of amazing free tools on his website for checking how much traffic you should be getting on your website, Keywords Research Tool – UberSuggest, Free SEO Analysis, Backlinks Checker and more. With thousands of followers on Social Media who actively look up to advises and suggestions from Neil Patel, his work is top notch and you should surely follow him to keep getting regular tips to grow your business.

Second in the list an India based company called ET Media Labs They market themselves as the “#1 Choice for Growth Oriented Advertising” and analytics on Google, Facebook, Instagram – 3 most popular Search and Social Media Networks. They have helped some big companies in all sorts of business verticals to get noticed in the Indian market, and be number 1 in search results on Google for relevant keywords. Some of their clients are UrbanClap, EduReka, Groffers, Amity University, Cars24, Jaypore, Satya Paul, NIIT and more. They are an expert solutions provider for Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Social Media Advertising and Exposure, Display and Video Advertising. They help with E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, B2C Lead Generation & B2B Lead Generation.

“You need a Detailed Plan for advertising and marketing your Business – of which SEO and SMM are a big part and you need to hire experts if you want great results to reach your Business Goals. There are no short cuts to it.”

One last point – if you are on a lean budget, want to start promoting your business and do not want to hire a Comapny to do it, then you can start by setting up –

  1. Google My Business Page
  2. A modern, engaging and mobile friendly website. Contact us if you need consultation for your website.
  3. This is the most important one – Writing quality content and blog posts on your website. Authentic and informative content takes precedence in Google Search Results and helps your rankings! You should aim to write atleast 1 Blog post per week keeping in mind what kind of search phrases people might use on Search Engines to find the Services & Products you have to offer.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this article helpful.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us directly.